Fanbase Name

On November 17th 2020, at wilted listening party, Paris was asked about a fanbase name.

She answered: "dragonflies is cute :) whatever u guys want. shrooms are cute too. y'll are my lil shroomies."

She later decided to call us Mushies


Letter from PK to Lil Mushies!

Check below the video.


Light on Julia !

A Mushie Singer :)

I present you Julia, a big fan of Paris :)

I want to share with you all lil' mushies her work because i think she is amazing. She sung the full album "wilted" with her guitar and we can feel something :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

The first video is start with is Eyelids. More videos are coming soon. Stay Tuned :)


Light on Alice !

A Mushie Painter :)

I present you Alice, another big fan of Paris.

Alice succeeded to stand out with her painting that Paris loves.


Mushies with Merch !


Fan Arts


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