New Song with Andy Hull!

Paris Jackson and Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra) did another song together! They are talking about it in the last video done with Spin. It will be completly different from anything that Paris has ever done before. It sounds so exciting I am really looking forward to it. If you haven't watch yet the chat between Paris and Andy, please have a go and click on the link below: Artist x Artist: Paris Jackson and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull in Conversation (parisjacksonvibrat

Pizza Girl Relauch Dinner by Carolyne D'Amore - 9/03/21

On Tuesday, March 9th, Carolyne D'Amore hosted the Relauch Dinner for Pizza Girl where her bestfriend Paris was invited. Paris is always here to support Carolyne. Pizza Girl produces Organic Pasta Sauce. It was so hard to find organic sauces that were low in sugar and fat - and there wasn’t a single jar that represented the moms of my generation. Us millennial moms care about every single ingredient but still want that high quality taste, with a fresh spin on packaging." - C

Illustrator Daniella Batsheva x Paris Jackson

Daniella Batsheva is the talented one who designed the photo of Paris for her new Merch Store. You can buy this t-shirt on the Official Paris Merch Store You can find below another creation Daniella did for Paris. This is Mushrooms Queen. This makes me think we should call Paris Mushies Queen or Shroomies Queen! She also deserves her nickname :) Daniella was also the creator of the logo's former band of Paris called The Soundflowers. Personnally i wa

Happy Birthday Jo Baker !

Yesterday, 21st March, was Jo Baker's birthday. For those who don't know her yet, she is a celebrity make up artist and she is taking care of Paris. They are working together but they are also very good friends just like of the staff of Paris, this is like a big family. Yesterday, Jo thanked all her friends that texted and called her for birthday wishes and she posted few photos of Paris. She also posted a video of her Aries family where we can see P and Hamilton dancing in a

New Instagram Story !

Hey Mushies ! Paris has just posted a stunning photo of herself in her story on instagram. Enjoy it because she doesn’t often post her face. She looks absolutely radiant and happy ♥️✨🍄 #parisjackson #parisvibrations #wilted

Stella McCartney Mylo Campaign video with Paris Jackson

The video of Stella McCartney Mylo with Paris is here !! She looks absolutely amazing ! I am so proud to be her supporter. "Paris Jackson embodies the next generation of eco-activism and material science in our world-first Mylo Unleather garments – made from vegan mushroom leather, taking a stand for animal lives and Mother Earth." Stella McCartney Here is the Youtube video if you do not have Instagram: “If Stella and Bolt Threads can innovate a leather alternative out of mus

Twitter message from Paris

Paris and animals --> a big love storie :) ! She encourages people to adopt animals if they can. Many of them are not lucky enough to have a home, they live in the streets or in shelters. Some of them were maltreated and/or abandonned, do not forget them. Keep in mind pets are not toys or things ! You have to take care of them as a family member, as your own children! Do not abandon them because you have to go on holidays or something else. Animal have feelings and they can h

3D Wilted present

For the release of her album "Wilted", Paris sent a lovely present to all the team of Manchester Orchestra. She turned the drawings of the album into 3D, this is just amazing. This girl is so suprising and creative ! A Real Artist :) For the creation, she asked Lehr and Black, the premier design & custom invitation company in Los Angeles for over 50 years. #parisjackson #parisvibrations #wilted

New Hair - Nine Zero One !

Here is a beautiful new photo of Paris, after her hair were done, posted by the hairstylist Nikki Lee with the following message: "This hair color makes blue eyed beauty Paris Jackson’s eyes just POP! Pretty magical how the color of your hair can do that." Paris is doing her hair at Nine Zero One. This is a trendsetting Los Angeles salon owned by Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri (Caprilee). At Nine Zero One, they believe people go to salons to look a certain way. People go to Nine

Paris Jackson models leather outfit made out of mushrooms

By Hannah SouthwickMarch 17, 2021 | 1:47pm Paris Jackson poses in a Stella McCartney outfit made from Mylo mycelium leather. Fungi, but make it fashion. Stella McCartney launched two garments made from mushroom-based alternative leather on Wednesday, promoting the pieces with a campaign starring Paris Jackson. The 22-year-old singer stunned in a black bustier top and pants made of Mylo, a vegan faux leather that comes from “the infinitely renewable underground root system of