American Horror Stories Premieres on July 15 !

It is official, the first two American Horror Stories episodes premiere exclusively on FX on Hulu on July 15, while American Horror Story: Double Feature, season 10 premieres on August 25. This will be later available on Disney + for other countries.

Everything was confusing as we didn't know whether Paris would appear in both AHS and the spin-off but i got confirmation Paris will appear only in the spin-off. There should be 16 episodes but still unsure how many episodes Paris will appear in.

American Horror Stories shooting started on April 2021 in Los Angeles, at the Rosenheim Mansion, where was filmed the first season of American Horror Story. In the beginning of May, the shooting was at the zoo of Griffith Park, in the end of the month it was in a commercial centre in Cerritos, in Califorina for the 4th episode.

Stay Tuned Mushies :)

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