Habit out on August 20 in theaters, on demand and digital !

The first official trailer of Habit is finally out !

It is great to see the name and the photo of Paris on the official poster.

In this edgy thriller starring Bella Thorne, Paris Jackson, Hana Mae Lee, and Gavin Rossdale, a party girl and her sexy friends dress up as nuns to hide out from an angry LA drug lord.

We can see Paris as Jesus as well as a nurse. love the trailer, I am really. looking forward to this movie ! The best friend of Paris, Caroline D'Amore is also part of the project

Habit attracted controversy by the Christian right for the supposedly blasphemous and sacrilegious themes of depicting Jesus as lesbian. As of June 30, 2020, more than 260,000 people had signed a petition in order to block the film. Detractors labelled the film as "Christianophobic garbage" as well as claiming that it aims to "ridicule people of faith". Read more on Habit (2021 film) - Wikipedia

Enjoy the trailer !

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