Happy Birthday Paris !!!

Our favourite Aries was born on April 3, 1998, today she is 23.

Happy Birthday Princess !

Memexspace decided to organize a project for Paris's birthday and selected a number of fans who wanted to participate to create this amazing video. She spent hours and hours on this project to finally post it on her instagram account at 00:00 (LA time).

Thank you Memexspace for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project !

Paris liked the video and even add the below comment:

Julia is a great singer and she did this great video for Paris. She also covered songs from Wilted album that i will post later.

If you want to share your birthday wishes with me, please send it over to parisjacksonvibrations@gmail.com

On the website you will also find the section called "MUSHIES" if you didn't find it yet, where i plan to post all your creations, arts, edits, memes and videos.... Feel free to send it to me :)

Love you,

Meghann x

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