Illustrator Daniella Batsheva x Paris Jackson

Updated: Mar 23

Daniella Batsheva is the talented one who designed the photo of Paris for her new Merch Store.

You can buy this t-shirt on the Official Paris Merch Store

You can find below another creation Daniella did for Paris. This is Mushrooms Queen.

This makes me think we should call Paris Mushies Queen or Shroomies Queen! She also deserves her nickname :)

Daniella was also the creator of the logo's former band of Paris called The Soundflowers. Personnally i was absolutely craaaazy for this logo! I even wanted to tattoo it on my skin but the fact the band ended I am not sure wether i should do it or not but this logo is so f****** awesome !!!

Daniella also created the poster for The Soundflowers Full Moon Tour in various colors !!

To finish she also created the sunflower for The Soundflowers Merch Store.

Here are items which were never realased due to the end of the band but that was so awesome !!!

Daniella also created the logo for Pizza Girl :)

If you like her work please come on have a look at her website and you can also follow her on Instagram.

Daniella Batsheva Website

Daniella Batsheva Instagram

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