[NEWS] New single Low Key In Love featuring The Struts out Friday !

Updated: Apr 19

Paris exclusively posted on Instagram her new single will be out Friday !! It’s featuring Luke Spiller from the British rock and roll band The Struts.

This is something completely different from what she used to do even the cover and it’s nice to see her face.

After Indie Folk and Alternative music Paris is trying Rock and Roll, we all know she doesn’t like to be labelled 🙂

The song is called Low Key In Love.


Paris photo by Cameron Munez / Luke photo by Harri Charl.

Photo Cover produced by Catcher Creative who also produced a video ... It sounds like a music video is coming out soon 🥰

Apparently Low Key In Love is a song composed by the Struts last year and was never released. You can see below one of the live performance which I’m already crazy for. I cannot wait to hear the new version with Paris 🥰

So what do you think about it ? Add your comments in the box below 🙂

Stay tuned more projects will come in the next months.

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