Paris and Cara at Joan Collins’ Oscars bash !

As per Page Six, just before going to the Oscar 2021 afterparty in Bel Air on Sunday night, Paris and Cara went to an intimate Oscars party hosted by Joan Collins and Alan Nevins at the Beverly Hills home of art collector Eugenio Lopez.

“Cara is one of Joan Collins’ god-daughters. She and Paris sat together and were friendly with everyone and they were quite stunning, I have to say. They were pleasant – there was nothing outward to show that they were ‘together’ or anything but friends out together.” said Alan Nevins, the president of Renaissance Literary & Talent.

Suzanne de Passe, who helped develop the Jackson 5 in their early career was at the party.

“They lived with her when they first came to LA, so Suzanne and Paris had a little chat together.” Alan reported

This intimate party was a tribute to Irving Paul “Swifty” Lazar, a powerhouse talent agent and dealmaker who represented both movie stars and authors and who hosted a regular starry Oscar bash up to his death in 1993.

They had planned to throw the bash at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, but the party ended up being too large for COVID-19 restrictions. Alan Nevins said Eugenio Lopez — the owner of the largest South American art collection in the world — stepped in and offered his home for the soirée.

“We followed all the current Covid restrictions and had the party outdoors and everyone who attended were fully vaccinated. It was beautifully planned by an event coordinator overseen by Joan and myself and it was great fun. And after dinner Michael Feinstein sat at the piano and played some tunes for a singalong.” Alan Nevins added

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