Paris and her interaction with fans !

I would like to create this article about Paris and her love she has for fans because even with more than 3 millions followers on Instagram and a very busy life, Paris tries to interact as much as possible with fans. Some of you are lucky enough to have a follow from herself with likes and comments on your posts as for the others, Paris tries to like as much photos as possible and it can create jealousy and rivality but this is not what she wants. She doesn't have favourites, she loves all of us. See below a comment from Paris after a fan was cyber aggressed.

Do not forget Paris suffered and still suffer from cyberbullying so she is protecting herself by limiting comments under her main account @parisjackson, only people she follows can comment her posts. We can also see sometimes she avoids to read comments in lives because she is just affraid to see mean comments which will have a big impact on her mental health. (If you are not aware, The Soundflowers was the name of her former band.)

Paris doesn't want to let down her fans so she created another account called @parisvibrations where she wants to have a better connection with Mushies. So there you can comment as much as you want and she can read you, but please do not feel offended or disappointed if she does not answer or like your comments as she has hundreds and hundreds of messages.

Paris is trying her best so please do not put too much pressure on her, we all know she is very sensitive so please do not make her feel guilty. She has a life so she cannot spend all her time on social medias. How could she create songs then if she spends all her time here ? You do not want to be the reason why she does not compose anymore songs :)

You can have a look at the conversation below she had with her very good friend Lav.

If you are unsure of Paris's love, here is a selection of messages she left on different accounts to show her love and gratitude.

Thank you Memexspace for sending me few of the screenshots!