Paris Jackson Designed Ministry of Tomorrow Eco Tote !

Paris Jackson and her friend Goody Grace are taking part in a charitable art auction. Their donated their talent to Art for Education, the inaugural fundraiser to benefit the Chema Vision Children's Center in Nairobi, Kenya. The sale features 24 original celebrity designs on eco-friendly handbags supplied by Ministry Of Tomorrow with all proceeds to be donated to Chema to help fund the school's operating budget.

Each one-of-a-kind bag features a unique hand-painted design created by some of Hollywood's biggest names. This will be on display at Christie’s in Rockefeller Center in New York (started June 1st) until June 16.

The project “Art for Education” is a partnership with Rodney Burns and David Malvaney of Church Boutique (the shop on Melrose Avenue), as well as online charity auction platform Charitybuzz. All proceeds helping to fund the school. The goal is to raise $100,000.

A bid of $250 has already been done on Paris's tot. The next minimum bid is $275.

The auction ends on June16 at 04:36 pm EDT.

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The entire bag is lined with Military Grade High Performance Copper Nickel Conductive Shielding Fabric designed to protect your belongings and your body from harmful EMF radiation. The bag features a Shungite charm with 7 Shungite beads (representing the 7 chakras) finished with an Ethiopian cross.

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“The Chema Vision Children’s Center is located near our production facility in Nairobi,” said Ministry of Tomorrow founder Julian Prolman in an exclusive statement.

The creator produces handmade luxury vegan bags and accessories. “We heard about the Kenyan government shutting down schools that were not up to code and learned that Chema was not able to gather the funds to upgrade their structure and as a result Chema had to close, leaving 155 children without a school that also provided a daily meal to some of Kibera’s most vulnerable children, many who are orphans and children of single mothers without the ability to pay for school fees.”

Madonna made “a generous donation” early on that enabled the school to move to a new facility, but the next challenge is funding its annual budget, he continued. Word got out and the “response was immediate.”

“What we are doing is using fashion as a vehicle for social and environmental activism,” added Prolman. “This is a movement that joins luxury and virtue. It’s about quality craftsmanship combined with care for nature, animals, the people who make the products and everyone along the supply chain that had a hand in producing the materials that go into our bags. Our production facility in Nairobi was established to provide fair wage job opportunities for tailors that come from Kibera, [the largest slum in Nairobi]. For us, this is more than fashion. This is about caring for life on Earth.”

Chema Vision Children's Center

Chema is a school for children two to fourteen years old and is situated in the midst of Kibera, Africa’s largest urban slum. Chema was established to provide quality education for some of Kibera's most vulnerable children.

The majority of students are orphans or children of single parents without income to pay for school fees. In 2019, Chema faced an enormous setback when The Kenyan Ministr