Paris Jackson out at the French Restaurant Le Petit Four !

Paris was seen on June 2nd at the French Restaurant Le Petit Four for dinner with her cousine Genevieve Jackson. We know how much Paris loves France and Paris. She often eat french foods, she loves it. I will soon make an article about Paris and her love for France.

Stay Tuned Mushies :)

Le Petit Four is a way of life! Located perfectly in the center of Sunset Plaza, the enchanting restaurant is a longstanding landmark for locals and travelers alike. With its famous sunflower colored awning and electric blue lettering, it is often seen and featured in films and television as an iconic “LA spot.” While the bustling restaurant boasts excitement both day and night, it is the eclectic Cali-French menu and easy lifestyle that are most alluring. The vast and varied choices of dishes are created in-house in a traditional way, yet delivered in 21st century bistro style.

Le Petit Four originally opened as a small handmade pastry shop with a fine grocery collection from the famed Parisian shop, Fauchon, in 1981 by Frenchman, Oliver Chaykine.

During the mid-eighties to late-nineties, new owners doubled the size of Le Petit Four and developed it into a more restaurant style experience. However, it was in January of 1999 when long time friends, Alexandre Morgenthaler and Robert Bigonnet took ownership that made the restaurant what it is today.

Their combined joie de vivre, delivered in taste and style, are a direct reflection of the diversity and culture of Los Angeles. In May of 2013, Robert retired. Now, Alexandre continues to set the tone and style with his vibrant energy and vision.

He offers great thanks to the terrific team at Le Petit Four as they continue to sail forward to new horizons with their traditional flair.

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