Paris Jackson x Stella McCartney Mylo

Updated: Mar 20

Stella McCartney posted on her instagram a teaser of the world's first Mylo garments created from vegan mushrooms leather. We all know the addiction of Paris for Mushrooms :)

On October 26th 2020, Paris declared:

"Mushrooms may be fungi, but i like to look at them as flowers that found a way to be born through death. To live and feel in a way that is unconventional the other things that grow from mother nature."

Paris with her love for nature, yes she is a treehugger :), is just perfect to represent the new brand of Stella.

“Stella’s Mylo™️ pieces are the future of fashion. They are redefining the frame.” – Paris Jackson

We can see a beautiful Paris with no make up.

Stay tuned Mushies because there is more to come with Paris on Stella's Mylo ! I am looking forward to it !

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