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Updated: Mar 20

Hi Mushiiiies !

I finally decided to go for it and just created this website about our adorable, talented and lovely Paris. I have so much admiration for this girl, she means so much to me and helped me go through a lot. I first started with an instagram account called "Paris Jackson Art" but got deleted (as many of you) due to new rules on instagram, then the idea of a website came to my mind. So here we go !...

On this website i will publish all news about PK and i will also try to go through all past activities such as collaborations, interviews, cover magasines, photos ... anything that can be found about Paris. I will try to gather everything in one place. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

I really hope you will enjoy it.

Stay Tuned Mushies :)

Love and light,

#parisjackson #wilted

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