TMZ confirmed Paris is set to appear in "American Horror Story" !

It was first said Paris would be part of the new spin-off but this has never really been confirmed officially. As per TMZ, Paris willl play in the upcoming season of 'American Horror Story.'

Production sources tell TMZ ... Paris will appear in at least 1 episode of the popular FX anthology horror series. The highly-anticipated series, which was delayed in 2020 due to the pandemic, is being dubbed "American Horror Story: Double Feature."

I have a deep feeling Paris will finally have a main role! Well I hope so :) ...

Series creator Ryan Murphy recently teased it and said there will be 2 horrifying stories in one season. Season 10 will be split into 2 mini-seasons. Murphy already confirmed, "One set by the sea" already has its cast ... featuring Sarah Paulson, Macaulay Culkin and Kathy Bates. Murphy said the cast for the second mini-season, "A second by the sand," will be announced soon. So Paris should be announced there ... Let's keep an eye on it!

TMZ knows Paris will appear in the second mini-season ... as will veteran 'AHS' star Emma Roberts, who has been part of 'AHS' since season 3. Season 10 is currently in production.

I think everybody is waiting for the Big Boss: Ryan to announce the cast to spread the news so stay tuned. I am sure Paris cannot wait to announce us this ! As I already told you it is a dream for her to play in AHS!

So what do you think Mushies?

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