Twitter message from Paris

Paris and animals --> a big love storie :) ! She encourages people to adopt animals if they can.

Many of them are not lucky enough to have a home, they live in the streets or in shelters. Some of them were maltreated and/or abandonned, do not forget them.

Keep in mind pets are not toys or things ! You have to take care of them as a family member, as your own children! Do not abandon them because you have to go on holidays or something else. Animal have feelings and they can hurt too.

Here is a nice message from Anetvibes on Instagram: "Adopt ! Don't shop !"

Dont waste your money to buy the most expensive animals because its fashionnable, there are plenty of of them who are unhappy and waiting for a new home, go go go !

Paris is the owner of a lovely dog called Koa and a beautiful cat called Frodo. She often shares their life on Instagram. These cute little things saved Paris' life, they are very important for her.

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